The power of attorney is a useful instrument to empower one person or various people to act on your behalf in carrying out different transactions. When choosing a power of attorney you should empower someone you trust. So, before granting power of attorney, please ask our Lawyers who are perfectly qualified to offer you advice and protect your legal interests.


A power of attorney, also known as POA, will ascertain that your Solicitor will be in charge of signing the necessary public or private documents in order to carry out the transaction, such as purchase and sale dealings, inheritance proceedings, operating a bank account, representation in public offices and others. This power may include general faculties or only specific faculties and can be revoked or cancelled if you are not happy with your representative or proxy.


It is essential to use the correct terminology and for that purpose our team of Power of Attorney experts will draft the document which can be granted and signed in Spain, before a Spanish Notary or in your own country, before a Notary or the Spanish Consulate/Embassy.


Our Lawyers know the Spanish legal system in depth and will provide you with all necessary information about granting Power of Attorney.