Novalegal Abogados will assist you in taking all the relevant steps to obtain the decree pronouncing the persons entitled to inherit and the grant of probate either before a Notary Public or before the Courts as appropriate.


We will provide you with fiscal advice on inheritance tax adapted to your particular situation.


We handle all aspects from obtaining the Last will and Testament to paying any inheritance tax and arranging the release of assets, including liaising with banks and all official bodies, and registering any property at the Land Registry.


Because there could be substantial differences between the Spanish Law and other foreign laws, our inheritance lawyers in Alicante can help you to avoid paying any more tax than you need to.


The succession can be a TESTATE SUCCESSION or an INTESTATE SUCCESSION depending on whether the deceased had stated his/her wishes before his/her death or not. Consequently the procedure could be more complicated according to each particular case.


Novalegal Abogados will attend to all your needs, providing you with the best legal and fiscal advice. Our team of experts understands inheritance law in Spain and will provide the assistance each case requires.